Jess was an absolute star on her first flight!  We were admitted to hospital on Monday afternoon and Jess started on a formula and oil to put her into a state of ketosis.  This is basically a state of starvation but without physically cutting out all food to achieve this.  The formula and oil ensure that the body makes more ketones than glucose so that she will use fat for energy rather than glucose.  We have to monitor her levels of both the ketones and glucose three times a day to ensure that she remains in the state of ketosis permanently.  Once she is in a full state of ketosis, we should see a drop in the frequency of her seizures.  Unfortunately, Jess has picked up a viral infection which has put a little spanner in the works as she was battling to keep any fluids down and the oil just made her gag.  She has now been placed under the care of a paediatrican who is also clued up on the diet and that will now be working with the dietican and neurologist until the infection has cleared.  Jess is currently very weak and tired which are symptoms of the initial phase of ketosis but the infection has also been a contributing factor.  Thankfully, Jess managed to keep at least half of her first keto meal down today so we hope that she is on the mend.  The neurologist has booked her in for an EEG and MRI on Friday afternoon so we should hopefully have better insight thereafter.

03/08/2012 01:35

So sorry to hear Jess has pick up an infection but we hope and pray that she will soon recover and that she will then be able to get on with the new diet. Thinking of you both try to be strong although it is not always easy. Love, hugs and kisses to you all


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