We are so very pleased that we have made contact with a dietican based in Cape Town that specialises in the Ketogenic Diet.  I had such an inspiring phone consult with her two weeks ago where we discussed the benefits of this high fat diet in the prevention of seizures.  The only real side effect is hard work and we are so ready for that!  We leave for Cape Town on 4th March and Jess will be admitted to hospital down there under the care of a neurologist that will monitor her progress on the diet as well as the dietican.  Finally we have a postive outlook towards the prevention of Jess's seizures.  The Ketogenic Diet apparently works on the same basis as Diabetes where the body utilises fat for energy instead of sugar.  During the first few days in hospital, Jess will be put into a state of ketosis via a specialised formula and from there, the new diet will be introduced.

03/05/2012 23:25

Looking forward to the updates thinking of you all keep strong


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