Last week Thursday Jess had her botox injections done and casts put on both legs.  This was done under general anesthetic in theatre.  Although she was a little miserable once she came around, she has been a super star.  The orthopaedic surgeon advised us that due to Jess's feet being puffy on the day, he couldn't make the casts as tight as he would have liked to as this could cause pressure sores.  We just have to keep an eye to ensure that she doesnt try and pull her feet out of the casts otherwise he will need to remove them sooner than expected which is two weeks.  The botox acts by preventing the transmission of signals between a nerve and its target muscle reducing excessive stiffness which will increase the chance of normal motor development.  Jess now needs to have intensive physio therapy over the next two months.  Thanks to the funds already raised during the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge Campaign, today Jess started with her extra therapy sessions.  We are feeling extremely blessed :)

11/08/2013 03:11

Jess all the good luck for intensive physio therapy over the next two months. Stay blessed and recover soon.


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