It has been a year since we travelled down to Cape Town to start Jess off on the Ketogenic Diet.  We can happily say that this year has been a great success.  Although we have a phone consult every month with the dietician to tweak the diet according to how Jess has been through the month, on the whole it has made such a difference to the severity and frequency of her seizures.  Because Jess maintains ketosis so well, there is no need for her to be on the formula which keeps the cost of the diet to a minimum.  She is only on the diet itself and MCT Oil that aids in producing the ketones.  We also recently took Jess to a new neurologist who has adjusted her medication dosages and started her off on something to help her sleep through the night.  We see the neuro again toward the end of the month to update her on how Jess has been on the new dosages etc. 

Bianca Delides
03/12/2013 04:03

That's such great news you three! Keep up the amazing progress. We hope to see you in April.
Bianca x

12/03/2014 03:02

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